Spray sterilization tunnel machine
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Spray sterilization tunnel machine
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Continuous spraying sterilizer is designed and made on the basis of absorbing and digesting abroad machine. It adopts warm water to preheat, sterilize with recycling hot water, recycling warm water to pre cool, and cooking water to cool,it  it is with the advantages of sterilizing temperature atomatic control, and adjustable sterilizing time, and can be widely used in sterilizing and cooling of juice and beverage in various bottles and cans, electrolyte beverage, wine and condiments. It can be designed and made to the sterilization conditions and production provided by the customer.

mane/unit/model PLS-1600
The hingest sterilizing temperature 80-90℃
The width of sterilization transferring belt 1800mm
Transferring belt speed 110-553mm/min(stepless speed)
Heating steam pressure 0.4Mpa
Length of sterilization step(mm) 10000
Length of sterilization step(mm) 3000
Length of cooling step(mm) 3000
Heating steam recycling  0.5T
Power(kw) 10.6
Size(mm) 1600×2250×1735

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