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  • 17 Jan
    Buy Jimei Milk Powder To Create Rich Profits

    Milk is an essential ingredient in many recipes and is also the most popular drink. But if you don't have milk at hand, then milk powder is a good substitute. Open a small packet of milk powder and get a cup of smooth and smooth milk after rushing into the water! So standing milk powder in our lives is a very good choice.What is milk powder? The milk powder is made from fresh pasteurized skim milk. First, the milk is concentrated in the evaporator until 50% of the milk solids remain. Next, the concentrated milk is sprayed into the heating chamber, and the water evaporates almost immediately, leaving tiny dry milk particles. What is the difference between instant milk powder and non-instant milk powder? Instant milk is non-instant milk that is puffed at  air, which makes it easier to mix with water. In fact, you can drop it into the water and it will dissolve immediately. Non-instant milk, also known as ordinary non-fat dry milk, requires more agitation and cool before being used as mil...

  • 16 Jan
    Juice Production Line Filling Machine Workflow

    The juice production line filling machine developed by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a plastic bottle filling machine, automatic filling and capping machine, and is a multifunctional beverage filling machine. When we all operate the beverage filling machine, we need to follow the process. So, do you know the workflow of the beverage filling machine?The workflow of the beverage filling machine is as follows:   The boxes of empty bottles are stacked on the tray, and the conveyor belt is sent to the unloading tray machine, the trays are unloaded one by one, the boxes are sent to the unloading machine with the conveyor belt, the empty bottles are taken out of the boxes, and the empty boxes are transported. The belt is sent to a washing machine, cleaned, and transported to the side of the carton to hold the bottle containing the beverage.   The empty bottle taken out from the unloader is sent to the bottle washer for disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor belt. It is ins...

  • 14 Jan
    How To Innovate The Juice Production Line

    1. Juice production lines production enterprises strengthen their ability to innovate      Fruit juice production line urgently needs scientific research support: Although the number of employees and the total number of enterprises in the juice production line industry is large, the research strength of the industry is weaks, and the corresponding majors of research institutes and universities in the industry are relatively few. Some cutting-edge technologies in the industry, such as ultra-low temperature, ultra-high pressure, membrane separation, supercritical extraction, radiation, vacuum, etc., cannot be completed by a single institution, and enterprises are urgently required to invest funds. The R&D models that combines production, learning, and research in the past has not been successful in the industry, and limited research power has not fully played its role. The filling machinery strongly supports scientific research.2. Corporate brand awareness to be strengthened      A b...

  • 11 Jan
    What Is UHT Milk Machine Sterilization

    Ultra-high temperature sterilization is the most widely used high-temperature milk sterilization method of the world, and it is a recently developed process. Ultra-high temperature sterilization is commonly referred to as "Pap's Ultra High Temperature" or ultra-high-temperature pasteurization. The UHT milk machines heat the milk to 280 °Fs for only two seconds and eliminate a greater proportion of bacteria than the HTST pasteurization method. When combined with aseptic packaging, the ultra-pasteurization process extends the shelf life.Once the product is processed, it can be packaged in two different ways depending on the customer's needs. Many companies package their products in "shelf stable" of "shelf stable" packaging. This packaging will allow the product to be transported and stored for up to one year of shelf life. At Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we use ESL (Extended Shelf Life) packaging technology, which looks very similar to traditional dairy packaging but is fill...

  • 24 Dec
    YIWU international expo centre

    JIMEI COMPANY attend Yiwu International Intelligent Equipment Expo is hosted by the Provincial Government of Zhejiang Province, the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Provincial Science and Technology Department and other provincial-level departments, the municipal people's governments, and the Yiwu Municipal Government, China's Machinery and Electronic Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, 2018 China Yiwu The World Equities Expo will be held in the Yiwu World Expo Center in Zhejiang Province in 2018(27-29th Nov).

  • 21 Dec
    Small milk production line - milk processing line - pasteurized milk production equipment

    Small milk production line - milk processing line - pasteurized milk production equipment is the necessary equipment for producing dairy products such as pasteurized milk and yogurt. In recent years, with the increase of consumers‘ demand for high-end dairy products, the use of such equipment has become more and more extensive. The whole technological process of the equipment is as follows: unloading milk, cleaning milk, storing raw milk, preheating, degreasing, homogenizing, sterilizing, stabilizing, precooling, cool, storing, inoculating, fermenting, cool and shaping, breaking emulsion, filling, capping, spraying code and storing finished products. Of course, the specific process and model of the equipment needs to be properly adjusted according to the actual needs of users. We mainly introduce the standard production process and equipment of pasteurized milk. The small-scale milk production line - milk processing line - pasteurized milk production equipment has been gradually improv...

  • 10 Dec
    Jimei Introduces Small-sized Milk Production Line to You

    The small-sized milk production line of Jimei: this series uses the most advanced technology, combined with water treatment system, cooling tank, mixing tank, emulsification pump, homogenizer, sterilizer, fermenter, storage tank, filling machine, holding cabinet, refrigerator, chiller, air compression.As a multi-functional production line, the machine can be exported directly from the system to the filling machine. The system has reasonable structure, beautiful shape, can greatly reduce space production area, workers operate production, low maintenance cost, spare parts standardization, alternative positioning and so on. This combined production line can produce pasteurized milk, yogurt, smoothies, juices, tea drinks, etc. All electrical appliances and accessories are provided by internationally renowned brands, stainless steel construction, in line with health standards.The disinfection of milk must be strictly controlled by temperature and time. Otherwise, it does not achieve the pur...

  • 08 Dec
    The Sterilization of Milk Production Line

    The disinfection of milk in the milk production line must be strictly controlled by temperature and time. Otherwise, it does not achieve the purpose of disinfection, but also destroys the nutritional content of milk. This is because prolonged high temperature boiling causes the protein in the milk to change from a sol state to a gel state, resulting in a large amount of protein coagulation and precipitation.The milk production line is suitable for the processing of all milk. Milk, goat milk, camel milk, reconstituted milk, juice, beer, vinegar, etc. can all be processed with milk production line. The processing of milk is mainly to kill the large intestine harmful to human body in milk. Bacillus, but the fully automated milk production line does not affect the nutrients of milk.Stainless steel batching tanks are widely used in dairy, beverage, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and other industries. The tanks are provided with interlayers, insulation layers, heating, cooling...

  • 07 Dec
    Brief Introduction to the Milk Production Line

    Fresh milk production line, milk and cold storage tanks, whether it is yogurt or fresh milk, raw milk, HHT milk, need to be stored in low temperature storage tanks. Why should we store it at a constant temperature of 4 degrees to prevent bacterial growth? The structure of the equipment is composed of a tank body and a compressor and an electric control box. The electric milk temporary storage tank control box is installed on the side of the milk tank of the equipment, that is, the position between the compressor and the compressor. The microcomputer technology allows precise temperature control of the temperature.Purification of raw materials. The purification methods of raw materials can be divided into two types: filtration purification and centrifugal purification. The equipment corresponding to fresh milk production equipment is filter and centrifugal net milk machine. At present, large and medium-sized factories adopt automatic slagging net milk machines. The purpose of homogeniza...

  • 05 Dec
    Working Principle and Introduction of Juice Production Line Equipment

    The juice production line equipment adopts microgravity negative pressure filling technology, which is more rapid, stable and accurate. The equipment is equipped with a perfect recirculation system to avoid secondary pollution and oxidation of beverages; it can meet the requirements of hot filling technology below 95 °C. It is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, which can clean the liquid contact areas such as liquid cylinders and pipes; it adopts advanced technologies such as human-machine interface touch screen control, PLC computer control and inverter control.Principle characteristic of juice production line equipment1. The structure of the machine is good, the control system is complete, the operation is convenient, and the degree of automation is high.2. Parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, which is hygienic and easy to clean.3, the use of efficient cover system, with a complete feeding technology and protection device.4, with overload protection device, ...