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Aseptic Filling Machine Is For Non-carbonated Beverage Packaging


Aseptic processing technology and packaging to the prod […]

Aseptic processing technology and packaging to the product at room temperature with a longer shelf life, help at a lower cost of high-quality liquid food transported to distant places. Not only make the food production process more reasonable, but also shorten the storage period, to provide consumers with more convenience and choice. So aseptic filling machines are also widely used in the market.

Aseptic filling machine is only suitable for non-carbonated food packaging. The initial use of the object is limited to milk and fruit juice, has been used for a variety of liquid food packaging, aseptic packaging is a new form of packaging, the packaging process is the ultra-high temperature sterilization of the material in the sterile state Packed with sterile packaging material, so that the material within the box can be stored in the air, light and bacteria in the ideal environment, without refrigeration or preservatives can still maintain the quality of half a year unchanged. The aseptic packaging system consists of three parts. One is the packaging material sterilization, the second is the product sterilization, the third is sterile environment packaging. The sterilization of the packaging material is carried out in the packaging machine. The sterilization of the product is usually carried out in an ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilizer, and the combination of the sterilized packaging material and the product is carried out in a sterile environment in a packaging machine.

Sterile filling machine for aseptic packaging. The air from the air collecting hood is sent back to the water ring or the compressor is pressurized, and the air is heated to 350 ° C after the water is separated by the gas-water separator. The sterilized air is cooled to about 80 ° C by the cooler , Sent to the surface of the sealing paper through the pipeline, due to the spiral tube-type tube heater heating, the packaging material for sterilization.

Aseptic filling machine and sterilizer directly connected, can be sterilized after UHT products directly in the aseptic bag filling. Aseptic bags are aluminum-plastic composite multi-layer bags, can effectively cut off the sun and oxygen; to ensure maximum product quality. The temperature adjustment system automatically adjusts the filling chamber temperature and uses the steam injection method to sterilize the bag mouth and filling chamber.