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Brief Introduction to the Milk Production Line


Fresh milk production line, milk and cold storage tanks […]

Fresh milk production line, milk and cold storage tanks, whether it is yogurt or fresh milk, raw milk, HHT milk, need to be stored in low temperature storage tanks. Why should we store it at a constant temperature of 4 degrees to prevent bacterial growth? The structure of the equipment is composed of a tank body and a compressor and an electric control box. The electric milk temporary storage tank control box is installed on the side of the milk tank of the equipment, that is, the position between the compressor and the compressor. The microcomputer technology allows precise temperature control of the temperature.

Purification of raw materials. The purification methods of raw materials can be divided into two types: filtration purification and centrifugal purification. The equipment corresponding to fresh milk production equipment is filter and centrifugal net milk machine. At present, large and medium-sized factories adopt automatic slagging net milk machines. The purpose of homogenization is to prevent fat balls from floating, to improve the flavor of sterilized milk, and to promote the digestion and absorption of milk fat and protein. The homogenizer is divided into high pressure type, centrifugal type and ultrasonic type. The most commonly used is a high pressure homogenizer.

The sterilization methods of sterilized milk include:

(1) Low temperature long time (LTLT) sterilization method, sterilization condition is 62~65°C, 30min, the equipment used in this method includes plate heat exchanger (heating), hot and cold cylinder (sterilization), Plate heat exchanger (cooling);

(2) High temperature short-time (HTST) sterilization method, sterilization conditions are 72 ~ 75 ° C, 15s;

(3) high temperature maintenance sterilization method, divided into intermittent sterilization and continuous sterilization, fresh Milk production equipment intermittent sterilization using autoclave sterilization, small yogurt processing equipment, continuous sterilization using hydraulic sterilizing agent;

(4) ultra-high temperature transient (UHT) sterilization method, sterilization conditions are 130 ~ 150 ° C, 0.5 ~15s, the equipment used is ultra-high temperature plate sterilization equipment.