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Carefully Choose Injection Blow Molding Machine


Blow molding is a manufacturing process used to produce […]

Blow molding is a manufacturing process used to produce hollow objects from thermoplastics. Both machines use injection blow molding machine. If you are not familiar with the concept of blow molding, choosing the right machine is a daunting task. Given the large selection of plastic injection molding machines and PET blow molding machines on the market, it has become very difficult to select the right equipment from the right manufacturer.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the injection blow molding machine. It consists of an extruder with an extrusion head. It should have at least one shutdown unit. 2 units off than welcome. Note the specifications and main features. For example, the cartridge and screw should desirably be made of steel and be nitrified. Extruder structure should be automatically adjustable. First, the device should be like this, it will be personalized and customized to your requirements.

Next, check the mold board, die and hydraulic system. You have to be able to achieve the best price / performance ratio. To ensure that the production capacity of the machine is improved. Peaks, diameters and volumes are other areas that need attention.

PET preforms are relatively small, partially formed PET products that are reheated and blow molded into plastic bottles. PET preforms are usually available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The manufacture of plastic bottles from PET preforms requires the use of a reheat blow molding machine. The resulting plastic bottles will be used in a variety of applications as well as carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, liquid detergents, lotions, prescription drugs, cosmetics and personal care. The quality of plastic bottles depends largely on the operation of the blow molding equipment.

Plastic may be a non-metallic compound. It can be shaped into different forms. Plastic molded products like plastic tubes, toys, bottles, kitchen utensils, protective caps and jars are commonly used. Plastic molding involves several processes. Familiar with the various processes involved is very important. Injection molding and blow molding, plastic molding is an integral part. The former involves pressing the molten plastic into the mold, as opposed to the shape of the product.