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CIP Cleaning System Does Not Prevent Production


Biotechnology plants use closed-system equipment for dr […]

Biotechnology plants use closed-system equipment for drug manufacturing to ensure workers' safety. CIP cleaning system is a new method for cleaning systems, containers, piping surfaces and connecting systems. These systems are used for different steps in drug development. Previously, cleaning these systems was very tedious. All of the enclosed systems are manually cleaned by removing the individual parts. But this is not a creative method, because it causes the machine to automatically shut down, thus undermining the entire production process. Therefore, we can clean the site to provide a very effective way to clean these systems without hampering the production process.

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, diary farms and cosmetic production are the major industries in the use of modern technology because they produce a variety of drugs and foods that require disinfection safety. CIP cleaning system is a very fast method that requires fewer workers to clean. It provides security against dangerous emissions and various contamination of workers. The method is accompanied by a conductivity measurement method whose work is to logically monitor all steps and see that there is no cleaning fluid in the equipment. This prevents the equipment from rusting and prolonging service life.

The previous CIP cleaning system involves connecting to the system, the centrifugal tank and the balance tank are cleaned. Now with its arrival, use automation systems with multiple balancing tanks, programmable logic controllers, switching valves, data acquisition systems, sensors, heat exchangers and nozzle systems. This makes it a very simple way to clean the closed system. The design depends on the process geometry and the residue load. It provides high flow and high turbulence solutions to ensure proper cleaning of pipes and filled equipment. For lightly contaminated containers, it uses low-energy spray and highly contaminated containers, which use high-energy impact spray. Therefore, it is possible to effectively clean all the equipment used in the production process.