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CIP Cleaning System Is The Standard Of Judgment


General manufacturers can be based on cleaning the natu […]

General manufacturers can be based on cleaning the nature and extent of pollution, constitute the material, water quality, the selected cleaning methods, cost and safety aspects of the use of detergent. Commonly used detergents are acid, alkali detergents and sterile detergents.

CIP cleaning system commonly known as in situ cleaning system, is widely used in beverages, dairy products, fruit juice, pulp, jam, alcohol and other high degree of mechanization of food and beverage production enterprises. In situ cleaning referred to as CIP, also known as cleaning positioning or positioning cleaning. Local cleaning is not to open or move the device, that is, the use of high temperature, high concentration of cleaning solution, the device device to a strong role in the contact with the food surface wash, for the health level requires more stringent production equipment Cleaning, cleaning.

CIP cleaning system to ensure a certain cleaning effect, improve product safety; save operating time, improve efficiency; save labor, protect the operation of security; save water, steam and other energy, reduce the amount of detergent; production equipment can be large-scale, High level; extended production equipment life. The role of CIP cleaning mechanism Chemical energy is mainly added to the chemical reagents generated, it is the most important factor in determining the washing effect.

CIP Cleaning Effect Criteria As the ideal CIP for the food industry, the cleaning effect must meet the following criteria: The product is fresh and distinct, for a particular process or a special stage that allows a slight odor but does not affect the safety of the final product and its own quality. Clean the surface bright, no water, no film, no dirt or other. At the same time, after CIP processing, equipment production and processing capacity significantly changed. Health indicators of microbial indicators to meet the relevant requirements; can not cause other products to improve health indicators. Economy at the same time to meet the conditions of cleaning, the cost is an important factor in measuring the cleaning effect. Operation CIP operation must be relatively safe, convenient and so on. With the continuous improvement of the mechanization and automation of food production, the CIP system has been extensively researched and applied. At the same time, scientific progress and market regulation have been carried out, and its penetration rate in food production will increase.