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Constraints: There Are Three Main Factors in China's Juice Production Line


Raw material factor Since the fruit tree variety cannot […]

Raw material factor

Since the fruit tree variety cannot meet the processing needs, the raw material problem has been plaguing the processing enterprises. Only high-quality juices for processing can produce excellent juice products. China's fruit juice processing industry has developed on the basis of rapid development of fruit growing industry and fruit sales. Fruit processing consumes excess fresh fruit, but fresh fruit and juice use are different for raw materials. Therefore, the processed juice is difficult to meet the requirements of the market. For example, the apple used in the production of apple juice has low acidity, while the orange juice has less orange processing, bitter taste and high acidity, while foreign processing enterprises have specialized fruit materials for processing. base.

Lack of technology

Due to the continuous expansion of market demand, there is a high demand for the production efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, many beverage companies have upgraded their own juice beverage production line equipment, or increased the juice beverage production line, which also gives the juice beverage production line. The production company provides space, but if the gap between foreign advanced juice beverage production line technology is very obvious, this requires us to constantly upgrade our technology, only when the technology can meet the needs of the enterprise, we In order to have a place in the high-end market, packaging machinery is facing the same problem.

Less self-owned brands

In fact, most of the juices we buy on the market are foreign brands, or domestic brands acquired by foreign countries. There are many fruit juice companies in China, but there are very few good brands. Basically, many companies have become foreign brands. factory. Brand culture is the soul of products. How to manage your own brand to establish a clear image is what China's fruit and vegetable enterprises need to learn. It is understood that the current fruit and vegetable beverage market still lacks a strong leading brand. According to relevant data, the top ten brands in the fruit and vegetable juice market do not have a market share of more than 20%, while the bottled drinking water and carbonated beverages in the beverage industry are much higher in market concentration. The top three are The market share of leading brands is significantly higher than other brands. The lack of leading brands means that each brand has a lot of room for development, and once it wins in the fruit and vegetable juice industry, it can gain more market share.

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