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Development Prospects Of The Fruit Processing Plant


Fruit processing plant is mainly processed fruit produc […]

Fruit processing plant is mainly processed fruit production, the main products are colored fruit drinks, wine, vinegar and so on.

Wine production mainly includes the traditional fermentation method, soaking method, fermentation and immersion combination method. The traditional fermentation method refers to the pulp or juice by natural yeast or artificial culture of yeast, under certain conditions, until the sugar is depleted, the natural termination of the fermentation method. Generally due to more juice containing fruits such as: grapes, apples, pears, kiwi, etc. can be used in this fermentation. Fermentation is the only effective method of brewing dried fruit wine. After fermentation, the residual sugar content is very low, and the sugar content per liter of original wine is less than 4 grams, which facilitates the storage and management of the original wine.

Immersion method is with the development of the alcohol industry, and the emergence of diluted alcohol soaked fruit method. - Contains less juice like fruit, such as: hawthorn, jujube, jujube, Ge Li, etc. more appropriate to use this method. Immersion method can speed up the dissolution of some of the material composition, reducing the dissolution of pectin substances, stability is better, but often appear to taste alcohol and alcohol will stimulate the feeling of the tongue.

Fruit sugar content is higher, nutritious, good flavor, is the ideal raw material for vinegar, fruit vinegar and food vinegar compared to its unique superiority. One of the directions for the development of brewing industry is to replace the grain with food. At present, the main raw materials for the production of vinegar are rice, corn, sorghum and sweet potato, etc. The use of fruit as the raw material to replace vinegar in food can save food.

With the development of food science and the improvement of people's living standard, the nutrition and health care function of vinegar is more and more recognized by people. Therefore, the development of fruit processing plant acetic acid drinks, the prospects are very broad. Compared with vinegar used in beverages, vinegar has higher nutritional value and better flavor than vinegar, so vinegar is the best raw material for producing acetic acid beverage.