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Disinfection Is Important For Milk Production Line


Milk is a paradise for microbial activity. According to […]

Milk is a paradise for microbial activity. According to the test at room temperature just squeezed milk without any treatment, after 12 hours, each ml of milk up to 114,000 micro-organisms, to 24 hours per ml soared to 1.3 million. This is why milk is easily corrupt. Therefore, the disinfection and preservation of milk technology is very important. Therefore, in the milk production line, milk sterilization tank has played a very important role.

Milk sterilization tank made of SUS304 stainless steel, tank thickness up to 3mm, pasteurized milk sterilization time 5-40 minutes adjustable; sterilization temperature 50-99 degrees Celsius adjustable and equipped with automatic temperature control device. Milk tank by the three layers, the most inside is into the milk layer, the middle layer of sterilization, the outermost layer of insulation. Water heating, sterilization better, above the milk tank stirring device can make the milk heated evenly, resulting in the original milk taste good, higher nutritional value.

Milk processing complete set of equipment is widely used in the determination and updating of the original formula of fresh milk, yogurt, goat's milk, camel milk, fruit juices, milk-containing beverages and condiments, product taste screening, color assessment, stabilizers, emulsifier applications , New product development and sample production. This small-scale pasteurizer can fully simulate the production status of industrial pasteurization machines. It integrates heating, sterilization, emulsification and cooling. This equipment can be equipped with small aseptic filling machines, glass bottles and compound bag filling machines as required. Is the university institutions, milk bar, small pasteurized milk manufacturer's ideal equipment. Can be used according to the needs of more than one tank, very suitable for milk bar and small and medium-sized dairy production units of small quantities and more varieties to use.

Bagged milk cheaper price, so suitable for delivery to millions of households, as many families breakfast food. The appearance of the house-shaped house-shaped fresh milk, with the dark and environmentally friendly paper material as a package, using the international common "cold chain control method", that is, from fresh milk extrusion to the production, storage, transportation and sales of the whole process All are carried out at low temperatures, the longest shelf life of up to 7 days.