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Equipment And Functions Of The Pure Water Production Line


Pure water, also known as deionized water, refers to th […]

Pure water, also known as deionized water, refers to the municipal tap water through the electrodialysis method, ion exchange method, reverse osmosis method, distillation and other appropriate processing methods, prepared in the container sealed, and does not contain any additives , Colorless and transparent, can be directly drinking water, can also be called pure (in chemistry), used in the test more, but also because of distillation and other methods of production, it is also known as distilled water.

The industrial pure water production line is a pure water preparation device for industrial production water. Industrial water machine can be used for: drinking water, bottled water, food industry water, semiconductor industry, fine chemicals, optical industry water, electroplating water, medical water, dialysis medical water, instead of all kinds of distilled water and ultra-pure water supply. Ion exchange is a special solid adsorption process, which is carried out by an ion exchange agent in an electrolyte solution. The general ion exchanger is a water-insoluble solid particulate matter, an ion exchange resin. It can draw some kind of cation or anion from the electrolyte solution, and put another kind of ion with the same charge symbol contained in itself and release it into the solution, which is called ion exchange. According to the type of ion exchange, ion exchangers can be divided into two kinds of cation exchangers and anion exchangers.

A complete set of pure water production line consists of three parts: pretreatment system, finishing system and post-treatment system. Raw water by PP filter (sand filter), activated carbon unit, water softener unit and other pretreatment system, the water suspended solids (particulate matter), colloid, organic matter, hardness, microbial and other impurities greatly reduced to reduce the follow-up Reverse osmosis, electric desalination and other fine processing system to deal with the load to extend its service life.

Large and medium-sized pure water system often use automatic water softener to remove calcium and magnesium ions in raw water. Automatic water softener consists of sodium ion resin tank, recycled salt box and multi-channel control valve, can set the program control operation, automatic regeneration (time type / flow type two control methods), the use of siphon principle of salt, Water is added, and the regeneration time is usually 2 hours.