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Filling Machine Makes Mass Production Easily


Many people like to drink soda or bottled water, but th […]

Many people like to drink soda or bottled water, but they all involve the same type of equipment that will mix the liquid in the tank with a liquid that will fill the gallon and eventually in your kitchen or refrigerator. If it is not the machine involved in this process, mass production is impossible, can you imagine all these manual operations?

When your shop is in the grocery store and you walk through the aisle aisle, later this week's picnic, you notice that all the containers are filled with tomato sauce, mustard, seasoning, and barbecue sauce that you can have many in the world Grocery store found. This is all that can be used with these bottles of various edible or edible things, so that these companies mass production.

Here is a brief introduction to these filling machine involved in the cumbersome work. (From the narrator's voice to describe the narrator's voice)

1. It is common for a container to form a given shape under the same roof and will be filled later.

2. The next step, according to the company's situation, the container can be filled before or after filling.

3. The bottles or containers are passed one by one through a machine called a rotary filling machine on a document line.

4. The liquid is poured into the funnel of the machine and then dispensed into the specified product container. According to the different bottled products, can be filled every 100 to 400 bottles.

5. These containers then export the filling machine to the capping machine, and the container or bottle is sealed. And then along the rest of the production line will be bundled together these containers, so that you can ship a large number.

So the next time you want to open a can of soup, or pour a cup of apple juice, think about how it becomes your hand. Due to the innovative technology of today's society, mass production becomes more cost-effective and less time consuming.