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Food Packaging Machinery Industry Outlook


Asia will become a huge food processing market in the f […]

Asia will become a huge food processing market in the future. Relevant statistics show that the annual output of fruit tanks in some Asian countries has reached about two hundred thousand tons , about 600 thousand tons, accounting for 1/6 of the global industry, and exports to the United States and Europe. In addition to some rigid social needs, the government proposed the encouraging policy will promote the corrugated machinery industry to industrialization, information technology and market oriented goals, to relieve the shortage of capital and technology company.

Famous international analyst Visiongain in improving trends with several global labeling machine company related exploration, immediately boldly predicts that in 2011 the global food and beverage packaging business market price will reach $11 billion 700 million. The agency also predicts that the packaging machinery industry will undergo a revolutionary improvement over the next ten years, bringing new possibilities to the food and beverage packaging industry.

The development of packaging machinery market is also tortuous. Many Asian countries are nurturing a diverse range of food industries and seminars. The application of packaging machines, including slotting machines, is seldom used because of the limitation of the size of the company and the scarcity of funds, thus hindering the development of the food packaging machinery market.

It may be considered that the packaging machinery trade is sometimes fully formulated. A certain number of packaging enterprises will shift their focus to overseas industries and become more competitive. Germany, Italy and Japan have formed the iron triangle in the packaging machinery industry, because their technology is definitely superior to Asian enterprises. Only some Asian companies can compete with foreign competitors and consolidate their position on the international stage. For Asian countries, engineering has become a bottleneck in the growth and development of its packaging machinery sector.