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Four Types of Yogurt Processing Line


Yogurt processing line, is a machine that makes yogurt. […]

Yogurt processing line, is a machine that makes yogurt. To provide a constant temperature of milk fermentation device, the temperature between 35-45 degrees, in this environment, the proliferation of probiotics, milk lactose into lactic acid, milk fermentation into yogurt.

Yogurt is the use of constant temperature fermentation method, so the most basic function of yogurt making machine is heating and constant temperature, as long as you can heat and can be heated at the appropriate temperature, this yogurt making machine can make yogurt; in addition to temperature, yogurt another major factor Is the time, and yogurt fermentation time is not immutable, the quality of milk, yogurt baking powder quality, ambient temperature, the initial temperature of milk and yogurt machine constant temperature will affect the length of the fermentation time, so even with timing control Function, but also in shape, need to go through practice to adjust, every factor changes will bring about time changes; and yogurt fermentation is good, even if the yogurt machine automatically power, can not be ignored, must be quickly put into the refrigerator, so as not to harm The invasion of bacteria, such a yogurt is safe.

Yogurt making machine can be divided into four categories: one is fully automatic, direct power heating, no control circuit, the use of appropriate power heating components to control the temperature. Second, the electronic control, in the machine by adding a variety of control circuits, such as temperature and time control, to control the heating circuit on and off. It can be seen that the main difference between the two yogurt machine is whether or not with a control circuit. Third, can be cooled yogurt machine, using semiconductor refrigeration, automatic low temperature storage. Four is not plug the yogurt machine, the use of insulation system, with boiling water to improve the temperature in the temperature to the yogurt fermentation temperature.