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Fruit Juice Production Line Reduces Product Costs


Fruit juice is a small part of the fruit, the fruit con […]

Fruit juice is a small part of the fruit, the fruit contains a natural nutrition overview. Fruit juice production line is suitable for apple, pear, peach juice production and processing. The fruit juice production line increases the work efficiency of the workers and equipment tooling, the man-hour consumption of a single product, and the reduction of costs (equivalent to increasing per-capita output).

In China, the juice content of fruit and vegetable juice beverages should not be less than 10%, otherwise they will belong to other fruit juices (syrups) and fruit drinks. It is defined as fresh or frozen fruits as raw materials, processed products. Most of its use of beating process of fruit or fruit edible part processed into non-fermented fermented slurry or pulp in the concentrated pulp added to the concentration of natural water loss equal to the amount of water, made with raw fruits Flesh color, flavor and soluble solids content of the product.

The fruit juice production line heats the protein in the cell's protoplasm and changes the semipermeability of the cells while softening the flesh. Pectin hydrolysis, reducing the viscosity of juice, thereby increasing the juice yield. Processing conditions: 60-70 ℃ / 15-30min. Turbid juice production in the special requirements, and more for the glass bottle packaging products, tinplate products rarely used. There is no need for homogenization of frozen fruit juices and concentrated fruit juices, and the presence of a large amount of oxygen in fruit juices can cause Vc in fruit juices to be destroyed. Oxygen reacts with various ingredients of fruit juices to deteriorate the aroma and color, Heating is more obvious. Often used vacuum degassing, nitrogen exchange method.

Sterilization principle of the fruit juice production line: it is necessary to kill microorganisms, but also minimize the impact on product quality. Commonly used methods: high temperature and short time (93 ± 2 ℃ / 15 ~ 30s) Filling after sterilization: high temperature filling (hot filling) and low temperature filling (cold filling). Fruit drinks, except for paper containers, are mostly filled with hot fill (due to full volume filling, the cooled juice volume is reduced and a certain degree of vacuum is formed inside the container).