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How Is The Milk Production Line Sterilized And Nutritious?


The milk production line is a set of production line eq […]

The milk production line is a set of production line equipment specially designed for milk, and for milk sterilization are processing. The main purpose of sterilization is to kill microorganisms and harmful pathogens in milk so that people can drink healthy milk, and then Come and follow us to find out how you can effectively kill the bacteria in the milk while maintaining the nutrients in the milk:
First, what is normal temperature milk, what is low-temperature milk, what is the difference?
This topic, as mentioned by the friends who process milk, knows that there are two kinds of normal temperature milk and low-temperature milk. The low-temperature milk is also called pasteurized milk. Now, when the pasteurized milk market is hot, it also indirectly opens the secret inside. With large-scale production, more and more people in the market are normal temperature milk. The milk has high nutrient content and strong activity, which is good for the human body. However, if it is cured by high temperature and extended shelf life, nutrition and active ingredients will be Greatly discounted, low-temperature sterilization milk can retain the nutrition in milk, but it needs to be refrigerated. I hope we give Barth's milk time because he is fresh milk that races against time.
Second, how does the milk production lines to sterilize milk?
We have already said that the components of the milk production line have been passed before. Today, once again, after the ranch has pulled milk, the milk-free-filter-preheat-homogeneous-pasteurization-cooling-filling. Filling according to customer requirements, the focus is to isolate from the air when sterilizing, and then fully enclosed, our tanks are sterilized in a closed environment, as well as the conditional choice of aseptic filling, but the cost Higher, you can choose small and medium-sized filling equipment, in the form of bottles, cups, bags can be selected according to the specific program.
Third, how is milk sterilized and nutritious?
Generally, high-temperature sterilization milk is sterilized by means of sterilization of 120 degrees or more. After sterilization, it is directly filled with aseptic filling, and there is also online compounding. The normal temperature milk produced in this way is not only more healthy but also has less bacterial content. It is also able to maintain a more unique flavor that will make consumers in the market more popular and acceptable.