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How To Choose Equipment In The Mini Dairy Plant


As the country further encourages entrepreneurship and […]

As the country further encourages entrepreneurship and enacts a series of policies and support for small and medium-sized enterprises, I believe that many people have the idea of starting a business and opening their own factories. So for those of you who want to open a mini dairy plant, what issues should you pays attention to when choosing the relevant equipment? Let's follow us to find out:
First of all, the production line of the mini dairy plant can choose the production line when the output is more than 300kg per day. The small production line is mainly based on the tank structure. Then we should choose the flange type tank structure tank or person when selecting the equipment. The whole structure tank is matched with the production line. The reason why the two tanks are used to match the production line is that the tank has relatively good sealing performance, and the matching in the small milk production line ensures the sealing of the production environment and prevents pollution. So as not to affect the product texture.
Secondly, the professional equipment of professional manufacturers are selected. In order to ensure the heat efficiency and durability of the equipment, Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. select more modern and high-tech raw materials, plus reasonable design, this is professional food equipment. The manufacturer can bring you the production experience.
In combination with the above information, it is recommended that all friends communicate with the sales personnel of the factory according to their actual situation and choose the production line suitable for their own mini dairy plant.