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Indispensable Process Of The Yogurt Production Line


Yogurt is milk as raw material, after pasteurization an […]

Yogurt is milk as raw material, after pasteurization and then added to the milk of beneficial bacteria (starter), after fermentation, and then cooling the filling of a milk product. Yogurt products currently on the market to more coagulation type, mix and add a variety of fruit juices and other accessories for the fruity type as much. Yogurt not only retains all the advantages of milk, but also in some aspects of the process also Yang avoid weaknesses, become more suitable for human nutrition and health products.

Yogurt production line equipment required are: milk cooling water production line, double filter, milk preheating tank, milk sterilization tank, milk precooling tank, ingredients cans, yogurt fermentation tank, liquid filling machine. Solid yogurt production line main equipment used are: homogeneous equipment, sterilization equipment, fermentation equipment.

Homogenization is achieved by pulverizing larger fat globule particles into numerous liquid globules of fat globules that evenly disperse the fat globules in the emulsion under the action of a homogenizer to reduce fat separation and obtain a stable uniform Liquid mixture, is conducive to the digestion and absorption of dairy products.

Yogurt is made from milk, pasteurized and then added to the beneficial bacteria (starter) in milk. After fermentation, it is cooled and filled with a milk product. Currently on the market of yogurt products to solidification, mixing type and add juice and other fruit juice-based accessories. Not only does yogurt retain all the benefits of milk, but certain aspects of the process also avoid weaknesses and become more suitable for the body's nutraceuticals.

Yogurt production line in the production process generally used lactic acid bacteria fermentation, lactic acid bacteria before and after fermentation, the need to use sterilization equipment. The use of a wide range of extinction equipment, high temperature short-term sterilization juice production lines and high-temperature instantaneous sterilization machines for dairy products, fruit juice drinks, beer and ice cream production.