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  • 16 May
    The Characteristics of Pure Water Production Line

    We now drink pure water is a few steps after the completion, although a bucket or a bottle of modest pure water, in the production process can be great!The main features of the pure water production line are as follows:1, pure water production line is imported reverse osmosis membrane, not only the desalination of high efficiency, long life, low operating costs.2, pure water production line also has online water quality monitoring, real-time monitoring of water quality changes to ensure water quality safety, removal of chlorinated organic compounds and other toxic and hazardous substances; microbial indicators of zero, but also extend the shelf life of mineral water;3, the use of automatic pretreatment system to achieve unattended operation; automatic electronic control procedures, but also select the touch screen operation, easy to use;4, to meet the local water quality personalized design, fully meet the demand. In the removal of toxic and hazardous substances at the same time, retai...

  • 09 May
    Method of Cleaning Cheese Production Line

    Cheeses are fresh or fermented mature dairy products made by condensing milk, skim milk or a mixture of partially skim milk and separating whey. The cheese production line is a series of equipment for making cheese.In the use of cheese production line is, we want to prevent the smell of other products with each other, we need to clear the possible microbial breeding sites, reduce pollution sources. Keeping the best efficiency of the cheese line is a prerequisite for making excellent quality products. Routine cleaning means that the equipment is cleaned immediately after use, but the effect is incomplete and may leave some dirt on the surface of the production line. Periodic cleaning is performed using a detergent with a higher activity or a different composition. This process may be time consuming, prone to surface scratches, and the use of the cleaning solution concentration can not be too high, so as not to hurt the operator, but the use of this method works well.How to clean cheese ...

  • 03 May
    Good Milk Machine is the Key Option for Sales

    Milk sales continue to grow year by year, by the children and parents of the favorable. Because of the increased demand for fresh milk, the demand for high-performance, user-friendly coffee machines is also rising.Milk sales are a key part of many business types of profits, many of which do not have traditional milk machines and their related accessories. For these companies, fully automatic fresh milk machine is the perfect solution. Specific design and professional catering enterprises to meet. Technological advances have evolved these machines into intelligent kits, with the ability to measure milk incorrectly and to recalibrate the grinder and brew time accordingly.This type of machine is ideal for a reverse service environment, and a one-step touch button beverage preparation process enables employees to participate in other work while the beverage is ready. The great advantage of the equipment is consistency. Coffee is always the highest quality, no matter who is operating the ma...

  • 26 Apr
    The Packaging Machine is One of the Best Advances

    The packaging machine is one of the best advances, and many people have a certain ability to assemble these machines. When selecting these machines, you should search for several segments. There are a variety of machines that can be accessed and different models. Each model is particularly suitable for bundling items in a specific way. The packaging market has great potential because a large number of items continue to enter the business sector. Subsequently, these machines are sought after, with great potential for future development.In fact, the current situation in the company or industry depends on the revolutionary technology that is mainly used to improve labor efficiency. Similarly, the packaging machine has become the pure force of the workers producing the packaging material. In fact, the collection of goods, storage and transportation of manufactured goods is not what we call packaging. A comprehensive and detailed packaging process is completely followed by a skilled workfor...

  • 17 Apr
    The Cleaning of Dairy Equipment Helps to Extend Its Service Life

    Dairy products, refers to the use of milk or goat milk and its processed products as the main raw material, with or without the right amount of vitamins, minerals and other accessories, the use of laws and regulations and standards required by the conditions required for processing products. Processing dairy products, of course, need equipment.If you are working in a dairy factory, then you should know that dairy equipment is generally more expensive and needs cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning dairy equipment helps to produce better products, healthier and hygienic. It also helps to extend the service life of the equipment.The first step in the cycle cleaning is the rinse cycle. Before dairy equipment, please make sure that your environment is clean. So now is the time to clean the pipes and the system. By rinsing the system with warm water, this helps to get rid of any dairy solids accumulated in the system. Continue to rinse with warm water until the water is clear. Drain all the fl...

  • 10 Apr
    The Jimei Packaging Machine is Evolving as Technology Advances

    Simply put, the packaging machine is the product packaging, play a protective, beautiful role.A wide variety of packaging machines, a lot of classification methods. From the different point of view can be a variety of products, according to the state of the product, there are liquid, block, granular packaging machine; according to the packaging points, there are packaging, outsourcing packaging machine; according to the packaging industry, Chemical, textile and other packaging machine; according to the packaging station points, a single station, multi-station packaging machine; according to the degree of automation points, a semi-automatic, automatic packaging machines.With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for a variety of convenience foods also increased, this step further stimulated the rapid development of China's food packaging industry. Vacuum packaging machine is one of the more rapid development of packaging machinery, has a broad development p...

  • 06 Apr
    Important Functions of Milk Processing Plant - Jimeimachinery

    Milk is one of the basic foods captivated by humans all over the world. All dairy articles are affluent in calcium, vitamin D and nutrients. Dairy products are quite essential for a healthy balanced diet and it should be consumed by people of all age groups daily. Today there are a large number of milk processing plants all over the world. The entire process begins in a dairy farm. Dairy farm is a farm which is used to raise cattle such as cows, goats and buffaloes for milking purposes.Significance of Milk Processing Plants:Milk which is obtained in packages and bottles pass through a series of processes before it is made fit for consumption. All these processes are performed in the processing plants. It is then packed and sold in the consumer markets.In milk processing plants, the artefact is afar from bacilli and exceptionable charcoal so that it is ideal for consumption. This action is accepted as clarification. It is spun in huge vats for some time. The antecedent circuit separates...

  • 02 Mar
    Fiber Optic Splice Closure ( Brief Introduction and Types)

    Greentelftth supplies a variety of quality Fiber Optic Splice Closure for different application.Fiber optic splice closure also named fiber optic joint, it is usually used with outdoor fiber optic cables, provides space for the outdoor fiber optic cables to be spliced together. The fiber optic splice closures and the fiber trays inside will protect the spliced fiber and the joint parts of the outdoor fiber cables. Generally the fiber optic splice closures are horizontal types and dome type (also called vertical type). Horizontal types are used more often than vertical type (dome type) closures.There are two main types of closures, fiber optic and fiber optic terminal. A closure is hardware used to restore integrity of fiber cables entering the enclosure. The terminal is a hardened external connector that allows the addition of one or more fiber cables to the enclosure. These two categories can be configured as butt closures and in-line closures. The butt closure allows cables to enter ...