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Jimei Introduces Small-sized Milk Production Line to You


The small-sized milk production line of Jimei: this ser […]

The small-sized milk production line of Jimei: this series uses the most advanced technology, combined with water treatment system, cooling tank, mixing tank, emulsification pump, homogenizer, sterilizer, fermenter, storage tank, filling machine, holding cabinet, refrigerator, chiller, air compression.

As a multi-functional production line, the machine can be exported directly from the system to the filling machine. The system has reasonable structure, beautiful shape, can greatly reduce space production area, workers operate production, low maintenance cost, spare parts standardization, alternative positioning and so on. This combined production line can produce pasteurized milk, yogurt, smoothies, juices, tea drinks, etc. All electrical appliances and accessories are provided by internationally renowned brands, stainless steel construction, in line with health standards.

The disinfection of milk must be strictly controlled by temperature and time. Otherwise, it does not achieve the purpose of disinfection, but also destroys the nutritional content of milk.

This is because:

First, boiling for a long time will change the protein in the milk from the sol state to the gel state, resulting in a large amount of protein condensation and precipitation.

Second, the calcium in the milk is combined with casein by electrostatic means. The human body can digest and absorb the casein calcium, and the long-time boiled milk is about 20% less than the sterilized milk. The calcium is changed into a calcium salt that is difficult to be digested and absorbed by the human body.

The third is that it will boil for a long time. The lactose is decomposed and decomposed, and the nutritional value is low; the fourth is to destroy a variety of vitamins including vitamin A.

Therefore, the sterilized milk is directly consumed in principle and does not have to be boiled. If you need to warm up, just put the bagged cows in hot water at 50 ° C ~ 60 ° C for a while, you can.