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Jimei Uht Milk Machine Advantages


The UHT milk machine of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery C […]

The UHT milk machine of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. be suitable for the instant sterilization of liquid materials such as fresh milk, juice, juice, ice cream, ice cream slurry, soy sauce, soy milk, condensed milk, alcohol, etc. bacteria. The three-way cock is used for feeding and discharging of the equipment, and the flow rate can be adjusted according to needs and used reliably.

The seven advantages of the UHT milk machine:

First, the equipment investment can be reduced by 50% ~ 70% (no boiler, no boiler room, and boiler auxiliary facilities);

Second, reduce the comprehensive cost of the product by 40%~60% (sterilization power consumption 22~24kW/ton product, no coal consumption);

Third, saving manpower 2~3 times (reducing the number of operators including the stove staffs);

Fourth, save the site 90% ~ 95% (do not need boiler room, the equipment itself is small, no auxiliary equipment);

Fifth, No “three wastes” emissions, protect the environment, and realize green factories;

Sixth, high sterilization temperature, short time, can maintain the natural flavor of the product and reduce the loss of nutrients for the human body;

Seven, the use of high-tech sterilization technology to replace the backward boiler steam sterilization technology.