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Juice Processing Lines Avoids Energy Waste


Juice processing line can not be separated from energy, […]

Juice processing line can not be separated from energy, the process prone to waste water, waste, if not handled properly will have a great impact on the surrounding environment. Energy-saving environmental protection of the juice industry, the key lies in equipment and technology improvements, we must start from the source. Fruit juices consume large amounts of energy during the production process, such as sterilization, temperature control and extraction, but can save a lot of energy if the production process is optimized. Different juice processing line equipment, resulting in different energy consumption.

Energy conservation also includes packaging materials. Application of ultrasonic heat sealing technology saves packaging materials. First of all, the seam of the heat seal produced by this process is narrower, so the required film material can be better utilized. Ultrasound welding is also used to join packaging materials and to ensure clean and tight joints. This method can reduce the volume of the top space of the package, thereby saving the packaging material. Compared with heat sealing and cold sealing, this method can also improve the yield of qualified products. Ultrasonic welding saves up to 80% more energy than thermal contact with permanently heated tools.

Lightweight is one of the trends in the development of modern food packaging, from small bottles of fruit juice, mini wine can be seen. Lightweight on the one hand helps to save raw materials and energy, reduce transportation costs, on the other hand is to avoid waste. Now, whether it is metal cans, plastic or glass packaging, these have become lighter and lighter, but at the same time have better packaging properties and stability.

In addition, the optimization of juice processing line is also reflected in the water treatment. Everyone should know that making fruit juice can not do without water. Not only the water itself can be used in the production, but also the water in the finished product. And many cleaning operations in the processing and packing of fruit juice also require water. Water is one of the precious resources for human survival. Reducing waste and avoiding pollution is what we must do.

Extracting, treating and providing clean water involves significant energy consumption, including subsequent wastewater treatment. therefore. The cleaning device used in the juice processing line should save water resources to the greatest extent and reduce the purchasing cost and the cost of detergent and sewage treatment.