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Juice Production Line Adapts To Market Demand


There has been considerable controversy over the advers […]

There has been considerable controversy over the adverse effects of carbonated beverages on the human body. In contrast, some healthy and nutritious beverages are increasingly favored by consumers. For example, fresh fruit juice, sports drinks and tea drinks gradually replace carbonated drinks and become the residents' preferred drinks. In recent years, composite fruit juice drinks and fruit and vegetable juice drinks developed rapidly, the market is common in pineapple juice or orange juice and other tropical fruit juice and different vegetable juice composite fruit juice drinks.

Fruit processing to adapt to changing market demand, providing more high value-added products, such as juice, wine, vinegar and other high value-added products. Concentrated juices, freshly squeezed juices and other nutritional value more complete, healthy drinks in the form of more and more consumer favorite, market demand, while also contributing to the production of concentrated juice production equipment.

Many manufacturers in order to meet the production needs of the juice market, increased investment in juice production lines and production equipment, set up a dedicated R & D team. Juice production line can cover a series of fruit juice or juice, juice concentrate production and processing needs. It can not only produce and process jam fruits including blueberries and strawberries, but also produce nuclear fruits such as peaches and hawthorn, which can ensure the freshness of fruits from production and processing to preservation and transportation, and enhance the added value of the products.

Juice production line equipment in the traditional production line based on the unit to achieve production and improve the ability to adapt to changes in the market to achieve flexible production systems. The machine can meet the following hot filling technical requirements of 95 degrees, filling valves and materials into and out of the pipe without health corner, at the same time with CIP self-cleaning interface, the lid with a front of the RO water rinse device to ensure that the bottle is not moldy phenomenon.

Juice and vegetable juices are juices made from quality fresh fruits and vegetables, selected and washed, juiced or leached. Fruit juice and vegetable juice is actually the juice of liquid cells in the whole fruit and vegetable ministries or local cells. It is the most nutritious ingredient in fruits and vegetables. It is easily absorbed by the body and some even have medical effects. Juice can be directly consumed, can also be made into a variety of beverages, is a good baby food and health food, but also as raw materials for other foods. Juice production line manufactuer : www.jimeimachinery.com