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Juice Production Line Makes Full Use Of Fruits


Fruit juice beverage is a fruit juice beverage with fru […]

Fruit juice beverage is a fruit juice beverage with fruit pulp after beating, refining, adding the right amount of sugar, water, citric acid and other deployment after degassing, homogenization, sterilization, filling and other production processes processed products Has the unique flavor of natural fruits, taste pure and thick, to adapt to the tastes of consumers, known as the king of the 90s beverage, by consumers.

Juice Production Line: Juice and vegetable juices are juices made from high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables (handful of dried fruits are used as raw materials), pickled and washed, juiced or leached, etc. Juice and vegetable juices are virtually whole Fruit and vegetable ministries or local cells in the liquid cells of the juice, is the most nutritious fruits and vegetables ingredients, Caramel flavor, easily absorbed by the body, and some medical effects. Fruit juice can be directly consumed, can also be made into a variety of beverages, Is a good baby food and health food, but also as raw materials for other foods.

Soluble solids in fruit juices generally range from 10 to 15%, most of fresh fruit juices are water, followed by sugars, and the main acids are malic acid, citric acid and tartaric acid, etc. Although the acid content is less than that of sugar, they are important ingredients , It can make the fruit juice has a mild sour taste, can regulate the flavor of fruit juice.Containing a small amount of tannin.Protein, is one of the factors that produce fruit juice turbidity.Minerals in the fruit juice, mainly calcium, phosphorus, potassium, Sodium, etc. Fruit juices are carotenoids and anthocyanidins, which are easily discolored under alkaline conditions and also contain heat-sensitive vitamins and aromatic substances.

Juice raw materials should be used in high maturity of soft fruit, excluding fermented and unripe fruits. Washing of raw materials before the juice is an important measure to reduce pollution, skin should pay more attention when squeezing juices, therefore, must be washed with flowing water to remove the sediment and impurities in the peel.If necessary, rinse with solution, then rinse with water . Concentrated juice production line beating beating with peeler, the pulp wrapped with squeezed juice, the juice rate of up to 70% or more.Or the washed fruit into the squeeze machine juice, and then scraper filter to remove the peel , Fruit seeds and some crude fiber.