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Juice Production Line Requires A Lot of Process Equipment


With the gradual improvement of people's living standar […]

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, more and more beverage products are consumed every year. When Coca-Cola first entered China in the 1980s, people also regarded it as a rare item, but since coming to the new century, China's domestic beverages, It has also begun to dominate the market, and these are all made by juice production lines, producing a wide range of beverages, including juice drinks, coffee drinks, dairy drinks, carbonated drinks, but these have to go through a unified mechanized juice production line.

A juice production line often requires a lot of process equipment, whether it is a bottle washing machine, filling equipment, sterilization equipment, often have a close cooperation to complete all operations, beverage companies are a key part of the food business, often and food Safety and hygiene are linked together. Previously produced beverages often carry some impurities, but now the new beverage machinery has completely shielded the interference in this area, because industrial workers are no longer needed to work, as long as the technical workers are supervising The machine is ready to effectively shield the airborne dust, fungus and bacteria.

The soda mixer is designed with the latest technology of Sakamoto for the mixing of other carbonated beverages such as carbonated beverages. The machine and liquid contact parts are made of low-carbon high-quality stainless steel to meet different international food hygiene requirements. The PLC technology is used to control the pressure in the tank and the height of the liquid level. When an abnormal situation is encountered, the alarm is immediately issued, and the equipment is automatically terminated. The whole machine is compact in structure, stable and efficient in operation, simple and safe in operation, and is an indispensable equipment for beverage production.

JIMEI Juice Production Line has advanced production equipment, excellent flow production, and first-class quality. Technical experts directly participate in production to ensure the stability and reliability of the products. The growing sense of quality and the continuous stream of industrial products have made the world's machinery manufacturing industry change with each passing day. No matter how the world changes, the spirit of Jime’s excellence will never change.