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Meet The Milk Production Line


Milk is an essential  nutritional product in our lives. […]

Milk is an essential  nutritional product in our lives. Although this is the  product that we are exposed to every day, do you know how  milk is produced? Today, plese follow the Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. to see exactly how the milk production line is carried out:
First, the raw milk collection of the milk production line
The milk is aseptically milked by the automatic milking equipment every day and directly enters the plate heat exchanger through the sealed pipe. The grazing is commonly called cold platoon, which is cooled down, and after cooling to 4 degrees, it enters the milk bin or the refrigerating tank, and then The refrigerated transport truck is directly transported into the transport vehicle through the milk pump and transported to the processing point.
Second, on-site processing of milk production line
After the refrigerated transport truck is poured into the processing site, it is pumped into the unloading tank through the milk pump, and then enters the storage tank of the original milk through the filtration, the net milk, etc., and is refrigerated at 4 degrees because the nutrient content in the milk is high. It needs 4 degrees of refrigeration, otherwise, it is prone to bacteria exceeding the standard. When the milk is at a normal temperature, the microorganisms will rapidly multiply and affect the quality of the raw milk. Therefore, it needs to be refrigerated and stored, then after a series of preheating, homogenization, pasteurization, Cooling, filling, and finished products, all costs also require 4 degrees of refrigeration, rejecting microbial growth and reproduction.
Third, milk production line filling and storage
The milk that comes out of the production line needs 4 degrees of refrigerated transportation, the whole process of the cold chain, need to pay attention to two points:
1. Protect from light: All milk needs to be stored in the dark. The milk-like some transparent bags on the market does not meet the packaging requirements of milk. Because the pasteurized milk is exposed to sunlight for one minute, B in milk. The vitamins of the family will disappear quickly, and the light will not only retain the vitamins but also maintain the umami taste of the milk.
2, refrigerated storage: all pasteurized milk needs 4 degrees of refrigeration, drinking within one hour after opening, cannot be placed at room temperature for too long, otherwise, there will be excessive microbial conditions, cause your diarrhea.
The above is some knowledge about the milk production line. Shanghai Jimei recognizes that milk and other dairy products play a very important role in our lives, so we insist on providing manufacturers with strict standards of production equipment,  If you need it, be sure to contact us!