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Milk Machine Has A Huge Consumer Market


Now the pasteurized milk occupies more than 60% of the […]

Now the pasteurized milk occupies more than 60% of the entire milk market, ranch now to improve their profits are processing pasteurized milk sales, pasteurized milk is the use of low temperature sterilization (sterilization temperature of 85 degrees, time is 30 minutes), room temperature milk is The use of high temperature sterilization (more than 100 degrees sterilization temperature is high temperature sterilization, the time can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature), the two kinds of milk have their own advantages and disadvantages, from the nutritional point of view of pasteurized milk high nutritional value, Milk processing production line, room temperature milk shelf life long and pasteurized milk shelf life low temperature preservation only 7 days, with the development of society people pay more attention to nutrition and health, pasteurized milk is also gradually favored in the market, and milk machine gradually Becomes important.

Milk machine, yogurt and pasteurized milk also has a milk consumer market, yogurt is sterilized with pasteurized milk and bacteria and white sugar fermentation, yogurt fermentation temperature of 43 degrees, yogurt according to the processing of the state Different, but also divided into liquid yogurt and solid yogurt, solid yogurt need to use yogurt machine to produce, processing a good state of solid yogurt and egg soup similar to the use of liquid yogurt is produced, a full set of milk production equipment, in order to prevent the coagulation of yogurt Need to use stirring teeth mixing, processing yogurt and pasteurized milk one of the most important difference is that yogurt need to be homogeneous, pasteurized milk can not homogeneous, homogeneous after the pasteurized milk yogurt will be less, processing Good yogurt's taste will be better, homogeneous pasteurized milk protein is broken, the milk will appear relatively thin.

Milk machine, milk sterilization is very important, and now many people have to pasteurization, but what is pasteurization? Pasteurization temperature requirements are not high, 70 ℃ 3 minutes, 60 ℃ 6 minutes can be, if the boiling, the temperature reaches 100 ℃, milk lactose will appear coking phenomenon, caramel will induce cancer, Sterilization in the middle of the medium, the media mostly water or steam, heat is not directly in contact with milk.