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Milk Production Line To Pay Attention To The Link


Milk production lines need to pay attention to the link […]

Milk production lines need to pay attention to the link: heat treatment milk must be heat treatment in a certain way in order to kill all pathogenic microorganisms, the temperature maintained at 72 ℃, the time in 15s must ensure that. Pure milk production line record heating temperature must be automatically recorded, and the record card to be retained for a specified period of time.

Purification before heat treatment as milk often contains solid substances such as dirty particles, white blood cells and somatic cells, the milk must be purified. Because bacteriostasis will be less effective if the bacteria are lumpy or hidden in the milk particles, so be sure to cleanse them before they are heat treated. Milk can be purified in a filter or in a centrifugal cleaner, the latter being more effective.

The emulsification tank is a three coaxial agitator that is suitable for stable homogeneous emulsification and produces very small particles. The quality of emulsification depends on how the particles are dispersed during the preparation phase. The smaller the particles are, the more likely they are to accumulate on the surface The weaker, and therefore less likely to be destroyed by emulsification. Rely on the reversing blade mixing action, homogeneous turbine and vacuum conditions under the conditions of access to high-quality emulsion mixing effect.

The milk production line prevents re-contamination and the heat exchanger must be calculated to maintain the pressure on the fluid side of the pasteurized milk above the fluid pressure of the non-pasteurized milk and the working medium. If leaks occur in the heat exchanger, the pasteurized milk must either flow into the non-pasteurized milk or flow into the cooling medium, the small milk production line without going in the reverse direction. For safety, a booster pump is usually required There are pressure differentials and in some countries this is an order that must be followed. In the event of a decrease in the temperature of the pasteurized product due to the temporary lack of heating medium, a steering valve must be provided on the device so that the undeheated milk can be returned to the tank.