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  • 24 Aug
    Aseptic Filling Machine Needs Effective Protection

    Aseptic filling machine is widely used in fruit juice, pulp and jam and other liquid food aseptic packaging. At room temperature, the product can be stored for more than a year, can save the cost of low-temperature refrigerated transport and risk. Aseptic filling machine and sterilizer directly connected, can be sterilized after UHT products directly in the aseptic bag filling. Aseptic bags are aluminum-plastic composite multi-layer bags, can effectively cut off the sun and oxygen; to ensure maximum product quality. The temperature adjustment system automatically adjusts the filling chamber temperature and uses the steam injection method to sterilize the bag mouth and filling chamber. Aseptic filling machine can be filled from 1L to 1300L in a variety of different types of sterile bags or aseptic packs.The aseptic filling machine must meet the following requirements: The packaging container and sealing method used must be suitable for aseptic filling and the sealed container must be ab...

  • 22 Aug
    The Focus Of The Juice Packing Machine

    Aseptic packaging food, refers to the food before the food was aseptic, with sterile material packaging,The Juice Packing Machine do not need to re-sterilization of food. International food hygiene on food preservatives and other provisions of strict, and food and low sugar low salinization of health tendencies; and general food itself, poor storage. So aseptic packaging food international development is rapid, both to maintain food flavor, but also save energy. International aseptic packaging food ratio increased year by year, to promote the packaging materials, packaging machinery and equipment corresponding to the rapid development. The juice packing machine is precisely because it was widely used.Juice products, the growth of microorganisms such as Acetobacter sp. Acetobacter and plant Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc, Bacillus, Brevibacterium and other bacteria and Penicillium, Aspergillus and so on. The aseptic filling of fruit juice beverages is the same as milk. Juice pH below 4.0, s...

  • 17 Aug
    Food Processing Machinery Should Pay Attention To Potential Risks

    Now that we all live in a different environment than cleanliness, but overall we live in space, we feel comfortable and think it is quite clean. For example, we are not habitually removing the stove and the refrigerator. However, if we are so inclined, the refrigerator is equipped with a front panel, easy to disassemble. The trouble is that they provide space that is usually not large enough to accommodate hand and vacuum cleaner nozzles comfortable. You can imagine how public health will be frustrating and potentially dangerous in order to provide commercial machines with this limited cleaning channel.To address this problem, the design engineer minimizes and maximizes the parameters, such as the critical limit size of the removable cover. Their guidelines will ensure that sufficient space is provided so that personnel can use the cleaning tools to take full advantage of all aspects of the machinery. The same lid can also establish the maximum critical limit, so that the size will not...

  • 11 Aug
    Milk Machine Has A Huge Consumer Market

    Now the pasteurized milk occupies more than 60% of the entire milk market, ranch now to improve their profits are processing pasteurized milk sales, pasteurized milk is the use of low temperature sterilization (sterilization temperature of 85 degrees, time is 30 minutes), room temperature milk is The use of high temperature sterilization (more than 100 degrees sterilization temperature is high temperature sterilization, the time can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature), the two kinds of milk have their own advantages and disadvantages, from the nutritional point of view of pasteurized milk high nutritional value, Milk processing production line, room temperature milk shelf life long and pasteurized milk shelf life low temperature preservation only 7 days, with the development of society people pay more attention to nutrition and health, pasteurized milk is also gradually favored in the market, and milk machine gradually Becomes important.Milk machine, yogurt and past...

  • 09 Aug
    Food Processing Machinery Is Being Developed

    Biometrics is a method of identifying life forms through its verifiable stable, unique physical characteristics, so that a given food, its normal associated microorganisms, and any contaminants that contaminate the food can be depicted. Specific data can be stored digitally and electronically so that any food baseline can be compared to any food between the site and the table. Since the data can be digitally stored, the computerized monitoring device can evaluate the food handling through the conveyor chain.Food processing machinery, long-term processing of food and validation of food ingredients, including the presence of non-pathogenic ingredients, is a clear first step in the development of biotic food processing equipment. Determine the abnormal flowering of bacteria in food or the identification of abnormal bacterial pathogens in food depends on the established baseline. In other words, pathology depends on the deviation of the monitoring results from the baseline.Has developed ne...

  • 24 Jul
    Filling Machine Makes Mass Production Easily

    Many people like to drink soda or bottled water, but they all involve the same type of equipment that will mix the liquid in the tank with a liquid that will fill the gallon and eventually in your kitchen or refrigerator. If it is not the machine involved in this process, mass production is impossible, can you imagine all these manual operations?When your shop is in the grocery store and you walk through the aisle aisle, later this week's picnic, you notice that all the containers are filled with tomato sauce, mustard, seasoning, and barbecue sauce that you can have many in the world Grocery store found. This is all that can be used with these bottles of various edible or edible things, so that these companies mass production.Here is a brief introduction to these filling machine involved in the cumbersome work. (From the narrator's voice to describe the narrator's voice)1. It is common for a container to form a given shape under the same roof and will be filled later.2. The next step, ...

  • 17 Jul
    Learn the Various use of Different Dairy Equipment

    Dairy equipment is established to increase production and reduce the amount of labor in the production process. The device can not only handle the manufacture but pasteurization, processing, storage, packaging and transportation.Milk homogenizerHomogenization is the process of converting two insoluble liquids into a stable emulsion. This process usually works in a dairy farm. Homogenizer allows for better performance and greater flexibility.Things seem to be made by the appetizer of the homogenizer to be created as a very popular dairy device to make it more evenly and exquisite in appearance, more consumer's expectation.Dairy separatorsThe separator is a centrifugal dairy device that can quickly separate milk and cream to form skimmed milk. They are very simple and effective for dairy farmers who are looking for cost-effective solutions. Surprisingly, today's separators can produce about 35,000 liters of separate milk per hour. This is amazing efficiency!Milk tanksMilk tanks are a ver...

  • 12 Jul
    Go into understanding Carton Packing Machine World

    If you want your business to continue, you need to be able to provide your product to the market. In this part of the business, nothing is more important than manufacturing and mass producing products in the most cost-effective way. And the importance of modern technology lies in packaging machinery and other manufacturing equipment.At present, most products processing business use modern mechanical equipment technology for extreme attention and concern, high-end packaging machine has now been widely used in the packaging process of various industries.Carton packing machine may be the most common packing machine. The main function of this machine is to form, fold and fill different cartons and other packaging containers with the products. The machine is widely used in beverage, computer, electronic products, cosmetics, candy, pharmaceutical, groceries and other production plants. They are usually designed and programmed to perform specific tasks. Here are some functions of the carton p...

  • 11 Jul

    The 21st VietFood, Beverage and Professional Packing Machines (VietFood & Beverage – ProPack) will take place in SaiGon Exhibitions and Conventions Centre, 799 Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7, HoChiMinh City, from 9th to 12thAugust 2017.Series of events have been a significant trade promotion with participations of the two important sectors Food andBeverage, including five products that will be displayed (Food, Agricultural, Local, Aqua-Sea Products; Beverage; Nutrition, Pharmaceutical food; materials and ingredients); Machines and Equipment, Packing and Food Preservation; and franchise. Sideline events will be held in collaborations with Associations (Vietnam Association of Retails; HoChiMinh Food and Foodstuff Association; Vietnam Beverage Association; Young Business Association; Vietnam Association of Fost and HoChiMinh Business Association).JIMEI will take part in Vietnam expo on 9th August 2017. Booth number C-161 

  • 06 Jul
    Food Packaging Machinery Industry Outlook

    Asia will become a huge food processing market in the future. Relevant statistics show that the annual output of fruit tanks in some Asian countries has reached about two hundred thousand tons , about 600 thousand tons, accounting for 1/6 of the global industry, and exports to the United States and Europe. In addition to some rigid social needs, the government proposed the encouraging policy will promote the corrugated machinery industry to industrialization, information technology and market oriented goals, to relieve the shortage of capital and technology company.Famous international analyst Visiongain in improving trends with several global labeling machine company related exploration, immediately boldly predicts that in 2011 the global food and beverage packaging business market price will reach $11 billion 700 million. The agency also predicts that the packaging machinery industry will undergo a revolutionary improvement over the next ten years, bringing new possibilities to the f...