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  • 05 Nov
    The Basic Components of the Juice Production Line

    First, the rinsing part. The carbonated juice production line is a rotary bottle washer, which is mainly used for flushing new bottles of beverages, water and other products. The bottle is then sent to a filling machine for filling the product. The PET bottle enters the device by the split star wheel. The bottle is clamped to the bottle mouth by the clamp and the turning mechanism. The bottle mouth is turned down, rinsed with sterile water, drained automatically, and turned up to the bottle mouth upwards. Installed. The main structure of the equipment is in contact with the flushing medium and the outer protective cover is made of high quality stainless steel; open gear transmission.The new stainless steel clamp has simple structure and convenient adjustment; it has less contact area with the bottle mouth, effectively avoiding secondary pollution to the bottle mouth. The flushing machine inlet pipe is equipped with a pressure gauge. The bottle washer is equipped with a water tray to re...

  • 02 Nov
    The Development Trend of Juice production line

    The development trend of juice production line is: high speed, high quality, and large-scale development. The number of filling valves for non-carbonated juice production line is 50-100 heads, and the filling speed is up to 1500 cans/min. Multi-functional equipment: one multi-purpose, adapt to a variety of liquids.It is multi-purpose and suitable for filling and sealing of various liquids and various bottle types. It can be used for hot filling of various beverages such as tea drinks, coffee drinks, soy milk drinks and juice drinks, as well as filling of glass bottles and polyester bottles.Mechatronics This is an important development of current beverage machinery and equipment. trend. Programmable controllers are widely used in the control system of beverage machinery and equipment. Large-scale equipment is controlled by computer, self-diagnosis of faults, signal display, and realization of intelligence. The production equipment has high technical content, high reliability, high self-...

  • 01 Nov
    Production Principle of Juice Production Line II

    The carbon dioxide used in carbonated beverages originally installed in high-pressure cylinders is purified by a carbon dioxide purifier before mixing to remove impure components.The beverage mixer is the central hub for a once-filled carbonated juice production line. The purified purified water is firstly mixed with the configured syrup base liquid in proportion, and the resulting mixed liquid is mixed with purified carbon dioxide in a soda mixing tank to form a soda water for filling. Gas-filled beverages can be filled in two forms, one for recycled glass bottles and one for single-use PET bottles (ie, polyester bottles).The soda water mixed in the beverage mixer is poured into the cleaned empty bottle by the isostatic filling machine, and the gland is pressed to complete the filling and sealing process. The filled and sealed carbonated beverage semi-finished product can be sent to the outer packaging section after being sprayed on the bottle cap by the printer. However, in the conve...

  • 26 Oct
    Production Principle of Juice Production Line I

    The fully automatic carbonated juice production line equipment is a product filled with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions, and the carbon dioxide content (volume multiple at 20 ° C) of the finished product is not less than 2.0 times. The gas-containing beverage is divided into a juice-type carbonated beverage device, a fruit-flavored carbonated beverage device, a cola-type carbonated beverage device, a low-calorie carbonated beverage device, and other types of carbonated beverage devices.The automatic gas-filled juice production line equipment can be filled and sealed by one-time filling method or secondary filling method. The so-called one-time filling method is to pre-select the syrup base and the soda water in the mixer, and then directly fill and seal. The secondary filling method is to first fill the syrup base into the container, and then add a proportional amount of soda water dissolved in carbon dioxide, and finally seal. The current practice is to use one filling. Th...

  • 25 Oct
    How to Improve The Efficiency of Juice Production Line

    The juice production line has gradually been paid attention to by people and has become one of the indispensable equipment in the food, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries. In recent years, the development of social economy and the circulation of commodities have been increasing, and the speed of production capacity of enterprises has become stricter and the quality of goods has been pursued. This makes the characteristics of the filling machine fully exerted as the most effective assistant for the enterprise to achieve integrated operation. The important advantage of the filling process is not only the sanitation, the dose is up to standard, the biggest saving in enterprise cost and the improvement of production efficiency.1. First of all, the first method we think of is definitely to work on the existing cans and beverage production line models. It is the first step to improve the working speed of the existing cans filling production line models. After all, innovation is a ...

  • 13 Oct
    Juice Production Line Is Becoming Applicable

    The integration of juice production line and equipment is becoming more and more applicable. China's beverage industry has experienced decades of development, and product categories and packaging forms are increasing. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the appearance of products, so that beverage manufacturers can seek new and change in the form of packaging, and strive for excellence and beauty in packaging quality. Often, a juice production line company has dozens or even hundreds of product forms. In the process of processing and production, enterprises often encounter continuous production of products in different packaging forms. This requires the filling machine to have a strong adaptability, and can adapt to more types of filling materials, more filling containers of different material specifications and even different filling processes. The improvement of the applicability of the equipment, on the one hand, the improvement of the adaptability of the equipment; on t...

  • 12 Oct
    Jimei Introduces Some Advantages of Juice Production Line

    In many industries, the packaging process for carbonated juice production line is automated. There are many different ways to ensure the correct amount of product in the packaging process: batch metering, liquid bottling. The challenge for all of these processes is the same: a defined number of products must be included. Liquid filling is equipped with a variety of different measuring methods. Not every technology is suitable for all liquids. And there are also big differences in accuracy.However, all production processes have something in common: the liquid does not flow through the pipe of the filling machine at a uniform pressure. Density may fluctuate due to changes in bubbles, temperature or formulation in the liquid. Therefore, it is not possible to determine the correct amount of filling based solely on time.1. The juice mechanical structure is compact, the operating system is perfect, the operation is convenient, and the degree of automation is high;2. The parts in contact with...

  • 03 Oct
    Working Process of Milk Processing in Milk Production Line

    Working process of milk processing in milk production line: Heat the milk in the preheating tank, and the temperature is about 60 degrees. The milk is filtered through the pipe into the double filter to filter the impurities in the milk. Milk and milk through a pipeline pump into the homogenizer for homogeneous (do pasteurized milk does not need to be homogeneous, liquid and solid yogurt yogurt machine need to homogeneous and homogeneous main advantage is the color of the yogurt is more white, good acid grandma will reap good, homogeneous small milk production line is to put the ball breaking in milk fat, after homogenized pasteurized milk will appear more thin, if you don't need to be homogeneous, equipment separate design into the sterilization process, the valve is not homogeneous). After the homogenization, enter the milk sterilizer through pipeline and milk pump, and the temperature and time of the sterilization can be adjusted by ourselves (the general temperature of sterilizatio...

  • 01 Oct
    High Degree of Automation of Milk Production Line

    Milk production line, the small milk production line, the small milk production line is very popular now what price, that is keeping in good health, keeping in good health on the one hand, also want to from nutrition, to drink, milk is a very good choice, milk is necessary in people life nourishment, fresh milk can't drink, need to drink after disinfection, small milk production line in the milk nutrition is rich, contain a bacteria, e. coli is human body don't need to use high temperature sterilization long shelf life of milk milk in nutrition will be destroyed, small production line adopts the pasteurized milk, milk in the milk nutrients intact, but life is short, The company produces a complete set of processing equipment, welcome to inquire! The automatic degree of the milk production line is high.When the continuous production is started, the processing steps such as preheating, homogenization, sterilization, refrigeration, filling, capping and code spraying, etc. do not need manu...

  • 04 Sep

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