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Process Of Production Of The Fruit Production Line


The fruit production line is a processing process that […]

The fruit production line is a processing process that uses fruits and berries as raw materials and processes them into foodstuffs to achieve the purpose of preservation after being treated by physical, chemical or biological methods (inhibiting enzyme activity and spoilage bacteria activities or killing spoilage bacteria). Fruits processed to improve fruit flavor, improve food value and economic benefits, effectively extending fruit supply time.

China's fruit processing industry has a long history, of which fruit wine, dried fruit, fruit powder, preserved fruit, candied fruit and other processing has more than a thousand years of history. As early as the 5th century BC, folk have made use of natural dry or simple artificial heating method of making dried fruit.

The choice of raw materials for processing fruits is considered in terms of yield, supply period, storage period, proportion of edible parts, physical properties, chemical composition and sensory quality. The structure and chemical composition of the fruit depends on the variety of raw materials and maturity, the high yield of fruit, processing adaptability and harvesting period are directly related to the variety.

The development of fruit processing industry and the type of fruit raw materials, variety, yield is closely linked. Breeding and promotion of high quality and high yield of processed seeds, so that the base of raw material production. Improved seed processing is the future direction of fruit processing. Because of its small size, light weight and easy carrying, the high-quality juice powder will continue to develop its varieties, output, packaging and processing technologies. To maintain the nutrition and flavor of dry juices for fresh juices, it is expected that sublimation drying or foam bed drying techniques will be increasingly used for fruit juice dewatering. As a beverage base, a number of nutrient-rich concentrated juices will be developed. In order to get high quality products and save energy, production technology tend to use reverse osmosis preconcentration process, multi-effect vacuum film evaporation process.