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Production Principle of Juice Production Line I


The fully automatic carbonated juice production line eq […]

The fully automatic carbonated juice production line equipment is a product filled with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions, and the carbon dioxide content (volume multiple at 20 ° C) of the finished product is not less than 2.0 times. The gas-containing beverage is divided into a juice-type carbonated beverage device, a fruit-flavored carbonated beverage device, a cola-type carbonated beverage device, a low-calorie carbonated beverage device, and other types of carbonated beverage devices.

The automatic gas-filled juice production line equipment can be filled and sealed by one-time filling method or secondary filling method. The so-called one-time filling method is to pre-select the syrup base and the soda water in the mixer, and then directly fill and seal. The secondary filling method is to first fill the syrup base into the container, and then add a proportional amount of soda water dissolved in carbon dioxide, and finally seal. The current practice is to use one filling. The entire production line can be divided into three branches upstream of the mixer, namely water treatment, syrup configuration, carbon dioxide purification, and the filling machine is the junction of the mixed soda branch and the empty bottle cleaning branch.

In the water treatment section, the raw water is treated by quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, precision filter, medium-controlled fiber filter and ultraviolet sterilizer to obtain pure water that meets the process requirements. The water from the ultraviolet sterilizer is two-way, a route cooler is cooled and then enters the beverage mixer, and the second channel is directly used as a purified water for rinsing, sugar and syrup.

The process of syrup preparation is as follows: firstly, sugar and water are put into the sugar-melting tank to heat and stir to obtain a concentrated sugar liquid. After filtering and cooling, a small amount of water is added to the mixing tank to dissolve the saccharin and the preservative. , citric acid, flavor, pigment, to obtain a blended syrup.