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Production Principle of Juice Production Line II


The carbon dioxide used in carbonated beverages origina […]

The carbon dioxide used in carbonated beverages originally installed in high-pressure cylinders is purified by a carbon dioxide purifier before mixing to remove impure components.

The beverage mixer is the central hub for a once-filled carbonated juice production line. The purified purified water is firstly mixed with the configured syrup base liquid in proportion, and the resulting mixed liquid is mixed with purified carbon dioxide in a soda mixing tank to form a soda water for filling. Gas-filled beverages can be filled in two forms, one for recycled glass bottles and one for single-use PET bottles (ie, polyester bottles).

The soda water mixed in the beverage mixer is poured into the cleaned empty bottle by the isostatic filling machine, and the gland is pressed to complete the filling and sealing process. The filled and sealed carbonated beverage semi-finished product can be sent to the outer packaging section after being sprayed on the bottle cap by the printer. However, in the conveying line sent to the outer packaging section, an inspection station is generally required to remove the unqualified bottles. After the product has been inspected and packed, it becomes a finished product that can be in stock or shipped.

Fully automatic gas beverage processing production line equipment: 1 water treatment system: quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, sodium ion exchanger, precision filter, medium control fiber filter, UV sterilizer 2 sugar bowl, blending tank , double filter, beverage mixer 3 filling system: blow molding machine, bottle unscrambler or bottle platform, bottle air duct, filling machine, online bottle cap disinfection machine or bottle cap disinfection cabinet, capping machine , cover device, electric control cabinet 4 packaging system: light inspection equipment, inkjet printer, blow dryer, sleeve labeling machine or labeling machine, film charter, palletizer.