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Shanghai Jimei Provides Various Milk Production Line


The milk production lines equipment provided by Shangha […]

The milk production lines equipment provided by Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. generally includes storage tanks, filters, preheats, homogenizers, sterilization tanks, fermenters, filling machines, yogurt machines, etc. These equipment process pure milks, Yogurt, old yogurt, milk drinks, and other drinks can be used, a wide range of applications, high level of equipment automation, and loved by customers.


Different processes and equipment are used to produce a variety of milk products. The general process of fresh milk consist of storage tanks - filters - to preheat - homogenizers - sterilization machines - cool tanks - filling machines if When processing into yogurt, add a fermenter after the cool tank, and add the strain to naturally ferment. Packing in different filling methods and selling them to the market. Their sterilization methods include high-temperature sterilization and pasteurization. Pasteurization can ensure that the nutrients in the fresh milk are not damaged. The low-temperature preservation can reach about 7 days, and the other is high-temperature sterilization. He uses high-temperature instantaneous sterilization, the sterilization temperature is above 120 degrees, and the sterilization time is only a few seconds. The shelf life of high-temperature milk can reach 2-3 months. The long-term shelf life is also damaged by the nutrients in the milk. The milk on the market is generally high-temperature sterilization.


 There is also a kind of milk which is a milk beverage. This kind of milk has a small amount of milk and uses a lot of additives to process beverages of various tastes. This kind of milk has more children and children. Should drink as little as possible, low nutritional value. There are many dairy products of the market, and the groups that are adapted are different. There are also milk products of the elderly, such as aged milk and soothing milk, which are processed according to different processes, such as reducing sugar and fat. The content is adapted to the quality of various people.
 The milk production line of Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. have a complete range of processing equipment and a high degree of equipment automation. It is suitable for large, medium and small milk processing plants. At the same time, we will also customize according to the specific conditions of customers to meet the needs of customers.