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Soy Milk Processing Plant Needs Some Equipments


Soybeans have about 20% oil and 40% high quality protei […]

Soybeans have about 20% oil and 40% high quality protein. Soy protein is rich in valuable amino acids in lysine (5%), where most of the grains are deficient. In addition, it contains a lot of minerals, salt and vitamins, the germination of cereals contain a lot of vitamin C, vitamin A in the form of carotenoids exist in the intestine into vitamin A. Because soybeans are rich in protein, soya milk processing plants often make it soy milk.

Soybean milk is a high-quality soybeans as raw materials, it makes full use of plant protein resources, the application of plant protein, improve protein titers and bio-price, with a variety of vitamins and minerals, have higher nutritional value. Taste fragrant alcohol and, slippery and not greasy, often drink beneficial, is a healthy nutrition soy milk drinks. Soybean milk sold on the market, variety, affordable, easy to eat, which is very popular with consumers.

As a soya milk processing plant, you at least need water treatment equipment, grinding, batching equipment, jars, homogenizer, packaging equipment (date marking equipment), sterilization equipment, 100,000 clean plant, energy supply equipment (boiler). The world, the production of soybean milk equipment, the main countries are Japan, Sweden, Denmark, the United States, France and so on. In recent years, China has begun to develop and produce soybean milk equipment. A typical soybean milk production line consists of about 40 to 50 hosts and auxiliary equipment, the key equipment is soybean peeled machine, enzyme deactivation machine, grinding machine, separator, adjuster, sterilization deodorization device, homogenizer and Packing Machine. Among them, some are generic equipment.

In recent years, soy milk in developed countries is very rapid development. However, in the Chinese market, the size of the soybean milk industry is far less than the milk industry. Soy milk processing plant to grow, have to consider the milk of this competitor. But soy milk has a lot of milk without the advantage. Soy milk contains high quality vegetable protein, fat and vitamins, including lecithin and vitamin E content higher than milk, so long-term drinking can regulate blood lipids, protect the liver, prevent hardening of the arteries and promote thinking.