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Sterilization Principle Of Milk Pasteurization Machine


Milk pasteurization machine is mainly used for milk, go […]

Milk pasteurization machine is mainly used for milk, goat milk, camel milk and other dairy products sterilization, but also can be used in beer, egg, honey, soy milk and other liquid sterilization. The main principle is the principle of pasteurization, that is, low temperature sterilization, which is not more than 100 ℃ to milk sterilization, pasteurization can keep the bacteria in the bacteria at the same time, exterminate E. coli and other harmful bacteria. Sterilization equipment sterilization time 5-40 minutes adjustable; sterilization temperature 50-99 degrees Celsius adjustable and equipped with automatic temperature control device. Sterilization tank with insulation facilities and a temperature compensation device, effectively ensure the balance of water temperature within the tank to ensure the bactericidal effect.

Milk pasteurization machine is composed of six parts: base, water tank, milk tank, circulating water pump and circulating waterway. The water tank is divided into two layers: the upper layer is the hot water tank and the lower part is the cold water tank. Water tank composition, milk tank by the main body of milk tank, put the milk mouth, roof, support frame composed of four parts, including the top cover by the reducer, stirrer, thermometer, endoscopy, vent hole five parts. Milk cans are divided into three layers, which is filled with milk layer, the middle is the water cycle layer, the outermost is the insulation layer.

Milk pasteurization machine in accordance with the cooling method is divided into: refrigeration compressor refrigeration, ice cooling, tap water refrigeration. The difference between the three cooling methods: to the milk pot sterilization products in different ways, but the temperature and sterilization effect is the same.

Milk pasteurization machine is one of the most ideal and most effective milk sterilization equipment, it is made of high quality stainless steel processing, can be all kinds of packaging or canned food in the sterilization tank to control the water temperature to 85 ° ~ 90 ° Between the two can play a bactericidal effect, but also to ensure that protein and other nutrients do not fluctuate in the larger temperature range changes, to maintain the food of the original, taste, color, etc., to the food without any preservatives, is conducive to consumers Good health, especially to extend the shelf life and storage period.