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The CIP Cleaning System Don't Require Removal Of Machines


Food processing and production equipment, before and af […]

Food processing and production equipment, before and after use even in use should be cleaned. First, because in the course of the use of its surface may be fouling, which directly affect the operational efficiency and product quality. But because the food residues in the equipment will become a breeding place for microbes and produce adverse chemical reactions, such as microbial or bad chemical effects of food residues, if entered into the next batch of food, will bring safety and health problems. Therefore, food processing equipment must be promptly or regularly cleaned.

Food processing equipment can have different cleaning methods. Obviously, small and simple production equipment can be used to manually clean the way. However, manual cleaning of large or complex production equipment systems is time consuming and laborious, and it is often difficult to obtain the necessary cleaning results. Therefore, the modern food processing and production equipment, the use of CIP cleaning system.

CIP refers to the use of cleaning fluid in the closed cleaning line in the case of non-demolition, do not move the mechanical equipment, washing and spray nozzle spray, the output of food lines and food contact with the mechanical surface cleaning. CIPs often work with SIP, and some CIP systems themselves can be used as SIP operations.

CIP cleaning system has been widely used in the advanced food industry, such as the yeast industry leading enterprises Angel yeast, is the use of a full set of CIP cleaning procedures for pipe and tank cleaning. It is compared with the hand wash, not only because of the difference between the operator and affect the cleaning effect, but also improve its product quality.

In general, CIP cleaning systems can be used for cleaning of pipelines, tanks, towers, conveyors and various processing equipment for the storage or processing of foodstuffs. CIP cleaning system is particularly suitable for dairy, beverages, beer and pharmaceutical and other production equipment.