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The Steps And Processes Of The Fruit Production Line


Fruit production line is a fruit juice beverage with fr […]

Fruit production line is a fruit juice beverage with fruit pulp after beating, refining, adding the right amount of sugar, water, citric acid and other deployment after degassing, homogenization, sterilization, filling and other production processes processed products Has the unique flavor of natural fruits, taste pure and thick, to adapt to the tastes of consumers, known as the king of the 90s beverage, by consumers.

Juice production line is mainly used for beverage operations, the production process to achieve automation, suitable for polyurethane bottles, plastic bottles filling juice, mineral water, plus temperature control device can also be hot filling. Filling method: The use of a new type of micro-pressure filling, filling faster and more stable, so compared with the same specifications of the machine, the machine output higher, more effective.

The juice production line adopts the advanced OMRON programmable frequency converter (PLC) to control the automatic operation of the machine, and the frequency conversion speed adjustment into the bottle chain is used to make the running into the bottle more stable and reliable with the frequency conversion of the host machine. High degree of automation, easy to operate. On this basis, the machine changes the filling part, you can form a low vacuum filling. It is adapted to glass bottles filling wine, soy sauce, and other materials, the sealing method can be optional metal security cover and plastic cover, beverage manufacturers ideal for the preferred equipment.

Fruit juice drinks are natural fruit juice, fruit juice drink, fruit and flesh fruit juice drink, fruit juice soft drink, fruit juice concentrate drink etc. The main raw materials of these drinks are different, but the basic principle and process of production are roughly the same. Generally, the raw materials of the fruit are pretreated, squeezed or leached, clarified and filtered, homogenized, deoxygenated, concentrated, adjusted in composition, packaged and sterilized. For the turbid juice without clarification filtration, the concentrated juice is clarified and then concentrated by evaporation, solid drinks, the side to be dehydrated and dried.