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There Two System For Different Fruit Juice Concentration


The puree and pulpy juices are concentrated by a affect […]

The puree and pulpy juices are concentrated by a affected apportionment evaporators area the artefact is affected by adapted centrifugal apportionment pumps to go through tubular calefaction exchangers to be acrimonious in adjustment to absolution in a dehydration alcove the water vapors.

The evaporator is a beneath vacuum assorted aftereffect arrangement where the abasement generated in one aftereffect are acclimated in the next one the heath the artefact and authoritative new vapors, this appear starting from the accomplished temperature accustomed for the artefact traveling appear the everyman which is commonly about 42-45°C. The arrangement has aswell the advantage of a ample abridgement of the reside steam consumption.

For clear juice the evaporator is always a multiple effect but the so called “falling film type” where the product flow rapidly in a thin film along the wall of vertical heat exchanger heated in the shell by the vapors coming from the previous effect. The advantage is that the heating is very quick and the residence time in the evaporator is shorter than the one in the forced circulation type, so that there is a better preserving of the product quality.

Connected with the evaporation process there is the possibility of retaining the fruit volatile aromas which otherwise would be lost in the condensed water.

Only juice coming from fresh, not rotten fruit will give a good aroma concentrate. If rotten fruits are used the amount of ethanol in aroma will rapidly increase with consequent degradation of the quality.

To obtain the aromas, the secondary condensates are recovered from the evaporator and sent to the aroma recovery plant.

This plant consists of two main parts: The boiler where the condensates coming from the evaporator are heated to produce vapors , and the fractioning column which split the vapors in aroma concentrate and a poor in aroma stripped liquor. The system concentrates the aroma in a ratio of 1:150—1:200 compared to the feed of condensates. The aroma storage has to be arranged at low temperature.

The storage of the semi-finished fruits products can be done in bag in boxby the following procedure:

The product is sterilized before packaging by a tube in tube heater for puree, and pulpy products or plate heat exchanger in case of clear or cloudy juices providing that the fibers content is below 5%.

The heating is done via superheated water instead of direct live steam to avoid thermal stress. The tube in tube technology provides uniform and reasonably quick heating because the product flows in a thick film allowing the thermal exchange on “two sides”.

After cooling the sterilized product is sent to a dedicated filler at one or two filling heads depending from the needed output to fill in multiple layer bags in a controlled atmosphere of live steam to avoid any contamination from the ambient.

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