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What Is UHT Milk Machine Sterilization


Ultra-high temperature sterilization is the most widely […]

Ultra-high temperature sterilization is the most widely used high-temperature milk sterilization method of the world, and it is a recently developed process. Ultra-high temperature sterilization is commonly referred to as "Pap's Ultra High Temperature" or ultra-high-temperature pasteurization. The UHT milk machines heat the milk to 280 °Fs for only two seconds and eliminate a greater proportion of bacteria than the HTST pasteurization method. When combined with aseptic packaging, the ultra-pasteurization process extends the shelf life.

Once the product is processed, it can be packaged in two different ways depending on the customer's needs. Many companies package their products in "shelf stable" of "shelf stable" packaging. This packaging will allow the product to be transported and stored for up to one year of shelf life. At Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd., we use ESL (Extended Shelf Life) packaging technology, which looks very similar to traditional dairy packaging but is filled in an aseptic filling environment. Although this package looks similar to other packages on the shelf, due to the combination of ultra-high temperature sterilization and ESL packaging, we can achieve longer shelf life at the proper refrigerated temperature. According to our products, it can be refrigerated for 60 to 90 days.

As modern people pay more attention to their own health, milk, a nutritious drink, has become an indispensable part of life. The invention and application of UHT milk machine can better kill the bacteria in milk, ensure the health of people, and also make milk have a longer shelf life.