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Working Process of Milk Processing in Milk Production Line


Working process of milk processing in milk production l […]

Working process of milk processing in milk production line: Heat the milk in the preheating tank, and the temperature is about 60 degrees. The milk is filtered through the pipe into the double filter to filter the impurities in the milk. Milk and milk through a pipeline pump into the homogenizer for homogeneous (do pasteurized milk does not need to be homogeneous, liquid and solid yogurt yogurt machine need to homogeneous and homogeneous main advantage is the color of the yogurt is more white, good acid grandma will reap good, homogeneous small milk production line is to put the ball breaking in milk fat, after homogenized pasteurized milk will appear more thin, if you don't need to be homogeneous, equipment separate design into the sterilization process, the valve is not homogeneous).

After the homogenization, enter the milk sterilizer through pipeline and milk pump, and the temperature and time of the sterilization can be adjusted by ourselves (the general temperature of sterilization is about 85 degrees and the time is 30 minutes). After completion of sterilization using compressor cooling of milk, a small milk costs do pasteurized milk production line can automatically adjust the temperature of cooling, yogurt fermentation temperature is 42 degrees, liquid yogurt fermentation tank can be used to do, solid yogurt yogurt machine is used to do, solid yogurt machine generally use yogurt cups, yoghurt fermentation time is eight hours. 6. If the customer still wants to make the liquid yogurt machine, the pre-cooling tank can be used as the temperature controller for the fermentation of liquid yogurt. After the whole process of the equipment is completed, the preheating tank of the equipment can be used as the hot water pipe.

After sale service of milk production line: the company's equipment can be processed and customized according to your requirements. The price varies according to different materials. (2) equipment problems: our company will conduct strict quality inspection on all products before delivery, so as to ensure no problems before delivery! (3) equipment images: images are 100% shooting in kind, small milk production line price but due to the light and display will be a slight color difference, please understand attributes: device (4) before order or before buying, please consult the goods you need to model, size, contract, etc., in order to confirm your satisfactory equipment, convenient should you buy product guarantee.