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Yogurt Processing Line Improves The Composition Of Milk


Yogurt is currently China's most popular dairy products […]

Yogurt is currently China's most popular dairy products. It is rich in nutrition, unique flavor, is a better nutrition and health food. In recent years, the nutritional value of yogurt gradually been recognized. Yogurt can improve the intestinal flora, regulate gastrointestinal function, promote appetite and enhance the body's immune function.

However, Yogurt Processing Line for the production process and equipment, raw materials, production environment and the quality of the production staff are higher. Therefore, the yogurt processing line should analyze its potential hazards and strictly control product quality. Yogurt is also a good medium for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. In the production process, it avoids the problems of poor coagulation, abundant precipitation of whey, too much acid, too sweet and less aromatic flavor, which are the difficulties in yogurt production.

According to the required quality yogurt products. Yogurt processing line to improve the chemical composition of milk, to ensure the stability of the quality of products batch. Food additives and seasoning accessories must meet the requirements of national health standards strictly control the ingredients added to the water, all kinds of excipients, pretreatment to kill pathogens. Ingredients is an important factor in the production of yogurt, which may cause the following hazards: Excessive use of food additives, poor control of the temperature and time resulting in deterioration of the product, ingredients inadvertently mixed with physical hazard substances.

Cooling to yogurt characteristics, texture, taste, flavor, acidity, etc. to meet the set requirements. Filling is to ensure that products can reach consumers safely. In the production of stirred yogurt, the curd acidity is usually lower than the acidity of the finished product. To reduce post-acidification of the product acidity may cause harm to the factors: packaging materials meet food hygiene standards, pollution-free: filling machine cleaning, thorough disinfection, no microbial contamination and chemical cleaning agent residues.