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Yogurt Production Line Retains The Advantages Of Milk


There are two kinds of yogurt, one is the liquid yogurt […]

There are two kinds of yogurt, one is the liquid yogurt Another is a solid yogurt, yogurt is sterilized by the pasteurized milk bacteria and white sugar mixture, yogurt fermentation temperature is about 42 degrees, do yogurt has a detail Need to note that pasteurized milk in the sterilization before there is a homogeneous process, homogeneous milk after the yogurt will shrink the very good, if the individual to do homemade after the milk will appear very thin.

Yogurt production line needs the equipment: milk refrigeration tank, double filter, milk preheat tank, milk sterilization tank, milk pre-cold cans, ingredients tank, yogurt fermentation tank, liquid filling machine. Solid yogurt production line mainly used in the equipment are: homogeneous equipment, sterilization equipment, fermentation equipment. Homogenization is through the larger fat ball particles crushed into numerous liquid molecular size of the fat globules, in the homogenizer under the action of the fat ball is evenly dispersed in the emulsion, can slow down the fat separation, to obtain stability, Homogeneous liquid mixture, is conducive to the body of dairy digestion and absorption.

Yogurt use the milk as raw material, after pasteurization and then add to the milk beneficial bacteria (fermentation agent), after fermentation, and then cooling and filling a kind of milk products. Currently on the market yogurt products to solidification type, mixing type and add a variety of fruit juice jam and other accessories for the fruit type. Yogurt not only retains all the advantages of milk, and some aspects of the processing process also avoid weaknesses, become more suitable for human nutrition and health care products.

Yogurt production line in the production process generally use lactic acid bacteria fermentation, lactic acid bacteria before and after fermentation, need to use sterilization equipment. In the dairy products, fruit juice drinks, beer and ice cream production in the use of a wider range of extinction equipment, high-temperature short-term sterilization machine and high-temperature instantaneous sterilization machines. Yogurt fermentation equipment is the use of fermentation tank equipment fermentation, yogurt fermentor tank top with manhole, sight glass, feed pipe, pressure gauge and other accessories. Yogurt fermentation is a very important step, temperature, pressure, oxygen must be strictly controlled, so the choice of fermentation tank is very important.